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J.F. Dion School students embarking on gardening project

Learning how to be self-sufficient when it comes to food is a valuable skill to have. Grade 7/8 students at J.F. Dion School are developing those skills while participating in a gardening project. Since embarking on this project, students have a better understanding of how to rototill, plant vegetables such as potatoes and construct raised garden boxes. The students have built enough garden boxes for each class to plant different types of vegetables and sell to community members. 

The students have learned a number of important skills. Grade 8 Student Cohen Durocher said, “The things I like about our gardening project is hauling dirt and having fun. I also like it when we had to assemble the garden beds because it gave us some work experience with the drills and the saw. I think that we are doing something good because the food that we are growing is going to the food bank in our community. We are going to help our community because we appreciate our people.”  

J.F. Dion School students embarking on gardening project

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