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Literacy Fair and Spelling Bee at J.F. Dion School

Venus Laboucane captured 1st place at the J.F. Dion School Spelling Bee

J.F. Dion School hosted a Literacy Fair on March 17th. Students chose a fiction book and were then tasked with created a display board. The boards were judged and winner were announced for students in Kindergarten - grade 2, grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. Congratulations to the following students:

Kindergarten to Grade 2

1st place: Kyla Daniels-Deschamps
2nd place: Kashton Lajmodiere
3rd place: Alexia Thomas-Calliou

Grades 3-5

1st place- Shayden Fayant
2nd place- Jade Yellowknee-Delorme
3rd place- Jude Laboucane

Grade 6-8 

1st place: Jagger Laboucane
2nd place: Sienna Gamble-McAdam

The school also hosted a Spelling Bee on March 3rd. This highly anticipated event featured 27 Kindergarten to Grade 8 students who practiced for weeks before the big day. Class elimination rounds were held the week before the spelling bee and three students from each grade level advanced to the final spelling bee. The following students were the winners of the spelling bee:

1st place: Venus Laboucane/Grade 2

2nd place: Jacob Calliou/Grade 1

3rd place: Tray Thomas-Calliou/Grade 4

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