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Science Fair at J.F. Dion School

J.F. Dion School held a Science Fair that began during Education Week and wrapped up with the awarding of medals, ribbons and certificates on Friday, May 13th. 28 students participated in the event and all projects were completed at home over a one month period prior to the beginning of the fair. Students were required to follow the scientific method and create a display board to show their findings. Projects were judged based on the display board and an oral presentation that each student gave.

All students put a great deal of time and effort into completing their projects. It was a fun and interesting experience for everyone involved!

The winners of the Science Fair were as follows:

Division #1

1st place: Nesme Cameron
2nd place: Devon Cameron
3rd place: Richie Laboucane
Honourable Mention: Alexis Durocher
Honourable Mention: Riley Crevier-Durocher
Honourable Mention: Harmony Powder-Gladue

Division #2

1st place: Sienna Gamble-McAdam
2nd place: Naomi Daniels/Paris Callioux
3rd place: Parker Gladue
Honourable Mention: Brooklynn Crevier
Honourable Mention: Kreanna Powder

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